Located at Falls of Neuse and Honeycutt Roads, this premier location falls amidst Raleigh’s most affluent zip codes. The 6.84 acre site captures the many new exclusive residential developments just to the north. Over 70,000 cars per day on the east-west 540 will greatly expand normal shopping access to Lafayette Village.

Not too large or overwhelming, the space is manageable, convenient and well suited to fulfill the vision of a small European village. The village, with its thematic charm, draws strength as a commercial entity from an appropriate and select roster of tenants which complement, and meld into the concept. Potential tenants will require review by and approval from the Oversight Team for Lafayette. Only those prospective tenants viewed as integrating into the micro culture of Lafayette, and as supporting the solidarity of the village will be accepted. By creating a strong, symbiotic relationship among and between store owners/operators/center management, all will benefit from a special idea and commercial experience.

We encourage new ideas or concepts, compatible with our vision, to be submitted for review. For merchants who believe that Lafayette fits with their business plans, and who embrace the Lafayette concept, please contact us.

Area Demographics

Average household income 2009

1 Mile Radius 3 Mile Radius 5 Mile Radius
$ 131,637 $ 107,273 $ 99,008

Average household income 2014

1 Mile Radius 3 Mile Radius 5 Mile Radius
$ 141,735 $ 112,535 $ 103,852

Population Comparison

1 Mile Radius 3 Mile Radius 5 Mile Radius
5,572 64,851 154,678

Population Comparison 2012

1 Mile Radius 3 Mile Radius 5 Mile Radius
5,637 76,055 194,447

Why Raleigh?

The US Census Bureau noted Raleigh as the number one growing city in the Eastern US. Here are some of the reasons why 76 people a day relocate to the Triangle area.

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