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About Woofinwaggle

A One-Of-A-Kind Self-Service & Full-Service Dog Wash Spa & Boutique in Raleigh!

We offer a wide range of spa services including: Self-Service Dog Washes, Full-Service Dog Washes, Mini-Grooms, De-Shed Treatments, Mud-Bath Treatments, Nail Services, Teeth-Brushing, & more! Our luxurious spa features one-of-a-kind hydraulic lift tubs so no more bending over, just watch your dog be lifted to your desired washing height!

We are proud to be the only dog wash spa in Raleigh to offer all human-grade bath products made in the U.S. as well as a Certified USDA Organic products line. Only the BEST for our BEST friends!

Our dog spa provides all the tools you need to complete the Self-Service Dog Wash & do basic self-grooming including: towels, pet safe high-speed blow dryers, combs, brushes, ear cleaner, cotton balls & pads, nail files, and clippers.

Looking for your own dog supplies or fun toys & treats? Don’t worry we have it all in our beautiful boutique! Enjoy a fun shopping experience for everything your dog (and you) could want or need!

Contact us to begin your spa experience! We can’t wait to see your dogs looking clean, fluffy, & happy!